Beachin’ it


Its That time again! Time to head to the beach for our Annual Florida Girls Beach Trip. There have been so many times in the past I over pack for a beach vacation. Once there I literately end up wearing a few shirts, bottoms, swimsuits and a cover-up a few times and that’s the extent of it. I’m sharing my beach must haves to protect your hair + skin and packing light. My accessory bag will consist of a few staple pieces that will take each outfit to the next level making you look completely ‘put together’.

This trip is all about sharing and building connections with your girlfriends! I want to focus my time on laughing, eating, drinking on the beach with my girls. Being intentional with your friendships are so important, but that’s a whole other blog post to come!

My accessory bag! Click here to shop the look! Stella & Dot


Beach Attire


Most favorite summer trend this year hands down for this momma is the one piece!! I can’t get enough of them. The styles this year are still sexy and still be able to be comfortable to be presentable at the family gathering and hustle around with the kids. Once a classic always a classic! Add a great pair of sunnies, tassel earrings and a floppy hat and your done. Classy + Chic!20170731352557715

Don’t have enough swim suits? No problem. One of my favorite swim suit hacks EVER is buying one solid nice top. I usually buy a high quality underwire black tankini that fits effortlessly and will hold up for a few years from Athleta. This can also be just your favorite bikini top. Now that you have this staple piece for a top you can mix and match with various and less expensive bottoms! Now you have several options and can achieve different looks effortlessly each day!


Different cover ups can also help change your look on the beach each day! Think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be a cover up. You can also use kimono, chambray button up shirt, or an oversize loose beach sweater for a cover up.

Beach Hair Don’t Care….


What I love to use for an effortless beach wave hair look and still keeping it healthy. I’ve linked the sources below!

Protect That Skin…


Do not forget to protect your money maker sister! Revision Skincare has an amazing Papaya Enzyme Cleanser replenishing moisture back in your skin after a long day in the elements of the beach. The Black Mask is a perfect detox for your skin. It’s like a reset button. Let’s talk about this tinted face moisturizer. 3 things why I love it!

  1. It’s Anti-Aging
  2. Its tinted for a little coverage for the beach
  3. It’s SPF 45

Remember to wear a hat and some sunnies to protect as much of your face as you can. What we protect today will determine what our face looks like in 20 years ladies! I’ve linked the sources below!

When We Must Wear Real Clothes


So when we run for a little shopping trip, to the spa, or out to dinner here are 6 essential items that could be mixed and matched to get 9 different looks. Dress them up or dress them down. Must have daily must haves:  1 tank, 2 chiffon strappy tops, 1 denim short, 1 cotton skirt, 1 black short. The denim short is perfect for the daytime and they are under $25. The white skort and black shorts could be paired with a wedge and add these tassel earring, necklace and wrap from Stella & Dot and your set for a night on the town. To really dress this look pair the black shorts with the black tank and a wedge and accessories. It will appear is a great romper!

20170731_144508 (1)

Nik’s Beach Resource Guide

blackmask cleanser

revision honest

shine drycondi

dryshampp fedora

swim swim1

blk shorts





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