IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN IN THE MASTER BEDROOM. Lets talk about this for a minute.  I do enjoy a BRIGHT + WHITE space, but not always in my bedroom while trying to rest, detox from the day or whatever happens in here. I’ll leave it up to my readers to use your own imagination.  😉 The main objective was to create a relaxing, moody, cozy yet sophisticated space.

You know the feeling when you walk into a nice hotel room with a crisp clean bed?  Ah….. That’s what we are going for here. I’m going to go over some easy and affordable points to transform your master bedroom to create just this.

Step 1


Find a color you can live with and is pleasing to the eye. TO YOUR EYE! A bright color pallet in a bedroom can cause irritability and stress for some people. So be realistic with a color you can live with comfortably. If its a lighter color pallet or a darker color. If your are worried or fearful of going dark keep in mind of how much natural light is let in. If you have more than 2 windows you should be fine when wanting more light. See my previous post Tips To Brightening Up Your Home On A Budget of creating the illusion of a space being larger and bringing in more light.

Here are some of my favorite bedroom colors.

Master Bedroom Top Paint Colors


White Dove – Benjamin Moore  / Extra White – Sherwin Williams / Agreeable Grey – Sherwin Williams / Tricorn Black – Sherwin Williams / Salamander – Benjamin Moore / Deep Royal – Benjamin Moore

Step 2


Mix and match solids, colors, textures and prints to make it unique. Quite the contrary to those “Bed in a Bag” deals. Using a neutral color for bedding and build from there. This allows you to change color scheme without having to paint. Simply change your coverlet or throw + pillows from season to season.


Pull your bed down almost as your own turn-down service and lightly spray your linens before getting ready for bed with a linen spray. I love the one from World Market. They also offer in Lavender.


Step 3


There is no need to match perfectly. Here you see I used a HIS+HERS side tables. The surface of the night stands are functional and provide a place to personalize each side keeping it clean and simple.



Step 4


Add throw pillows with textures! What does this mean? EXAMPLE:  start with fresh crisp linen pillows, then in front add a few velvet or fur, and finally add a tapestry or pattern lumbar pillow. Does not have to be in this order but gives you an idea of how to layer.


Step 5


I sound like I’m repeating myself by saying add a layer of texture but I can’t stress this enough. Adding a throw at the end of the bed, on a bench, or a side chair will soften the space to accomplish and polish the look.

Step 6


Provide yourself with a place to sit and read, study, put your shoes on or just sit and talk. This does not have to be elaborate. It can be an accent chair or two depending on the scale of space available, a bench, poufs, ect. You will be surprised how much more time you may spend in your room when there is seating.



Quick re-cap

6 Steps to a Sophisticated Master Bedroom

  • Paint
  • Bedding
  • Night Stands
  • Throw Pillows
  • Throws
  • Seating

Simplify your space to become more inviting and enjoy! Happy decorating!







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