Redefining “Purpose” of the Modern Day Woman

What identifies us as a woman? Most of the time its easy for a man to identify themselves of who + what they are. They instinctively identify themselves with their work +  their successes in their work. We as woman identify ourselves by our family, our home, then work/hobbies. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be something of worth and value. I have worked since I was 15 years old. So, when work is slow or we have to take a break from working for whatever the reason, we almost feel incompetent. Why do we do this to ourselves? I know for myself I continue to feel like I need to push forward and do more. Our job as a wife and mother is still needed and never stops.

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Who fixes the kid’s broken heart? Who goes all mamma dearest on the teacher when something isn’t being addressed in the classroom? Who makes lunches? Who does all the doctors appointments? Oh, and works, cleans the house and still seems to try to find the time to maintain ourselves? I think there is always at some point in all of our lives as women we fight this tug-a-war with ourselves. How much to work and still feel like we are contributing to this family or to just be the best Pioneer Woman home maker. As I’ve said before, I always worked to some degree and always felt I needed to have a “purpose” But what does this mean now? Just when you think the Hein gang has it all together all the time, we don’t. #reallife. I told you from the beginning I would be authentic and here’s the truth. The house is not always perfect and our schedules are not perfectly planned. I forget appointments sometimes,  someone’s hair always needs cutting, and there’s always laundry to be done. It’s about to get a little crazier and I’m going to share it with you.


I shared with you we are in the middle of trying to sell our house. Yes, the house I still share and post about on my Instagram. The house we built the perfect floor plan I drew by hand. So many hours spent sitting at the table late at night thinking it over and over in my head. The house we dreamed of after we bought this perfect lot we walked through only with a machete for months to make sure it was the perfect location. And it is exactly what we dreamed it would be.  I being the real estate agent, selling my own house should be able to give myself a pep talk about not letting it be a personal sell. The comments and questions have been rolling in. Why are you moving? You just built that beautiful house. All your clients are here! Are you leaving town? Why would you want to leave this sweet little town? Well, we had been asked by my husband’s company to extend the business to another location out-of-town to run another store. He is in auto sales. Being married to a salesman/businessman not much is consistent in your life because everything is for sale for the right price. I have somewhat gotten used to this in the past. There are often times he calls me and asks me to bring my car up to the dealership because someone wants to test drive it. So when the time came for this new opportunity it was not surprising and was elated to fully support my husband’s highest and best. I’m still not sure what that even looks like yet, but I’m bracing myself for an adventure. One thing I am sure of with this husband of mine and I quote:

Failure is not an option. Success is the only outcome.

It is reassuring to have the confidence and reassurance in your spouse that he will take care of you and the family no matter what. I have pretty thick skin and never would want to complain, but what did this mean for myself for us to move. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not tied to a house emotionally normally. We’ve moved 6 times in the past 6 years. I coach my clients to sell and let go of their homes for a living. This should be easy right? My roots run deep here so it has been more difficult than I expected. I  have found myself complacent on what to do when we get moved. Will I continue in real estate?  Am I worthy of designing other people’s homes there?  What content will I post about in the transition? This move meant me leaving my existing clients,  deep friendships, and family behind. Jason and I agreed for a little while I would simply get our house here sold and get our family settled in our new location. It seems so easy to be the stay at home mom that takes care of the household, but it’s not ever been my thing.

I’ve just decided to not worry about the perfect pictures for a few months. I’m letting it go. They will not be perfect. I’m sharing our journey + our story. I think it’s what you all want to see anyways. It’s what I’ve promised from the beginning. My new purpose is not to be the working mom right now. What is important right now is my husband is embarking on an amazing opportunity. I am his rock he falls on. This is my purpose right now. My New purpose. Once I embraced this, it was like a wave of peace and fresh air came over me. I will be what God’s intended me to be all along in this moment. How easy was this “job”. Even if its just for a few months or a year.  The Joy I have already encountered by embracing this has been overwhelming. Therefore, I will be his rock. I am taking time to help my boys finish this school year with a bang,  get to our new little rent house and get this house sold. May I add they will be some lucky homeowners!

Once we sell this house I will have tons of new projects and content for all of my interior design followers. Promise! We have our eye on 2 different locations. One being a newer build that would just need a little paint and freshen up with my touch. The other being a historic small mansion that would require a TON of work.  So, I hope you will follow our journey to see what we do with our next house. I will be sharing the rent house with you guys later this week.

For now here are a few pictures of the family visiting the new temporary building of the store Jason will be running one rainy day. This was the first time to bring the boys to the new town of Carthage, TX. We took the day to show them where daddy will be working, where their new schools will be and where the rent house was. We felt like it was important to do this as a family to help calm their nerves and to ease them into the transition.  The plan is for a new building to start to go under construction and finished within the next year. Hoping to break ground on the new location soon.




We invite you to follow along our journey. We hope to embrace this new community as our own.


6 thoughts on “Redefining “Purpose” of the Modern Day Woman

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about all you are going through. You are right, do what your heart is telling you to do…..take good care of all your boys!
    Embrace this move as a new adventure!
    God will shower you all with many blessings for your obedience. He will answer all your questions, decisions, and you will have more decorating than you have ever dreamed.
    Merner would be so proud…..just like I am!
    I love my lil Hein family but God has placed you in a place to flourish….so go reach for the Sky!

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  2. Love this!!! Keep getting it girl! The struggle is REAL. I don’t have kids but I work in my finace’s family business and daily I struggle with what is ME and what I have of my OWN besides the gym. LOL It is an ever evolving role. Thanks for sharing and going to miss you!

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    1. Oh, Its definitely a battle we fight wit ourselves even without kids! You my friend are a lo like myself and when you do something you give 110%. I see this in your transformation you’ve done in the gym. It goes with whatever we do. Going to miss you too girl! I’ll keep up with you and your blog and on IG!


  3. It is totally selfish on my part, but I will miss you and Jason so much. On the other hand, it is a great opportunity for you both. New beginnings are exciting especially for the young!! Keep the blog and photos coming!!!


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