So, Yes I said the F word, FITNESS. Either you love it or you hate it. There was a time you wouldn’t have caught me dead in a gym. I talk about being brave and being authentic, well here you go. This is real + raw. And the truth is, is HARD for me to open up about. This is a big part of who I am today so I wanted to share in hopes to inspire even if its just one person. It wasn’t until one day after my second son was born I was playing in he floor with both of them and I literally could not get up out of the floor without help. Other time someone asked, “When are you due?” Ummmm, I was not pregnant. I nicely replied, “About 4 months”. Because in actuality, I looked it.  THAT DID IT.

I have never been the “skinny girl” even in grade school. It has always been a personal struggle. Let’s just say there aren’t many skinny genes to be passed down in our family. I remember one of my prom dresses being a size 14. Picture below on the right is a size 22 after my first son was born. I had gained 100 lbs with my first pregnancy.

So, fast forward 2 kids and a couple of failed marriages, I knew something had to change. Like, change from the inside out. There was a common denominator here and it took me falling flat on my face to realize IT WAS ME! It was time to quit blaming everything & everyone around me for what I was doing to my body. So, In 2008 and weighing 230 lbs it started. I walked. I started walking during my lunch break and after work at the park. I was too embarrassed to walk inside a gym. Plus, the park is FREE. Although, I should have and encourage differently now. I didn’t even have workout clothes that fit! For weeks I took all my disappointment in myself + disgust + frustration and drove it into an energetic walk. Then I started walking farther + faster. Then I started jogging. WHAT?? Jogging? My sheer determination to change kept me moving. It took months for me to see a difference. I saw a difference in how I felt + my self perspective + how I ate + best of all my energy level was through the roof.


It took about a year of eating decent and staying active and low and behold if I didn’t lose 65 lbs. This was enough to have the confidence to get to a gym to tone up where now I had the loose skin. I had a friend ask me to join her at the gym and finally said, “Why Not?”. I’m not one to not try something at least once. I WAS HOOKED! The gym became a place where it was safe to admit your weaknesses and be held accountable to get back on track. Dynamics Health & Fitness has been our gym family for years. Offering a variety of classes from Yoga to Kickboxing. No gym is the perfect gym. Just find one that fits you! I would suggest making a visit to all your surrounding gyms before making a commitment.


Now 3 kids down and in my mid 30’s it is crucial to stay active. What they say is true. If you quit using it, you lose it. And I can not ever go back to that place I came from! Along with being in my mid 30’s it has not been so easy keeping it all off. After learning of my baby sister being diagnosed with a rare type of terminal lung cancer I added a hefty 20 lbs. back on this past 6 month. So here’s where it gets real! Here I am telling you I am not at my best right now and 20 lbs heavier than desired.  But guess what, ITS OK! It’s all part of the vicious cycle we call life. LIFE HAPPENS. We just have to get back in the game. And I mean the gym! Take time to grieve/process but never stop working on yourself. It has become my life. MY NEW LIFE.

It’s about being healthy, not forcing my body to be something it is not meant to be



It’s always nice to have someone to hold you accountable starting out. Find a girlfriend who wants to start with you. Be sure to surround yourself with a driven and a motivated personality. Don’t allow yourself to start this process with someone depending on YOU for support. Don’t set yourself up for failure from the get go.


I have to brag for just a second. The first time I had just a glimpse of this man shirtless….ummmm…that was motivation itself! Who’s dream was I in? What did he see in me? He has always made the effort to say I was beautiful. EVERYDAY! Needless to say, I wanted to look my best and be my best for him too. He at least deserved that. This was my way of expressing how much I cared for him was taking care of me. Who would have though it?


I’m all about having your workout gear transition into running errands around town and maybe even a little work. I mean, who has time to go home + shower + do makeup + hair + get back into the world?? Not this girl! That would take another hour and a half of my day, so I don’t! Sorry, mammas got things to do.

I typically stick to black workout gear adding the occasional orange + blue + grey + fun print sports bra. But that’s the extent of it. Let’s be real Black is slimming. I add texture with a scarf + cap + vest + wrap + jacket. I love a cute sneaker and a sporty bag. Athletic Chic is my daily look with a touch of dried sweat.


Mainly my first goal of each week is to walk through the gym doors minimum of 5 times a week. Implementing weights 3-5 times with the hubs. We normally meet on his lunch break. Its been a great way to sneak in a little day date convo without kids. I add 1 hour a week with a trainer to keep me trying new things. Here you an find my trainer, Matt Wallace with RevCom Combat Sports.  Usually this will be Plyometric, Kickboxing, or High Intensity Strength Training. Doing any of the 3 for an intense hour with little rest until I’m red-faced, with a possible cuss word, and may or may not hold my breakfast down.  And don’t forget your cardio once a week. I HATE a treadmill so what I do is run outside or use 3-4 different cardio machines for 8-10 min each to keep you motivated.



You can move this order around different each week. Always changing it up since your body can get stuck in a rut with routine. Changing routine can boost metabolism. Keep in mind I by no means am an expert nor a certified trainer. Just a regular gym junky I guess. I just know what works for me!

  • DAY 1        BACK + BICEPS
  • DAY 2       CHEST + TRICEPS
  • DAY 3       LEGS + GLUTES
  • DAY 5        CARDIO


Now you want to know where to get the cute workout clothes, It’s almost just as important for us girls. From the cute sports bras to the bag I carry! It’s what I wear + ita all the things I love below!

gym-shoe water-bottle  bra legg  sports-bra-stripepdsp1-24581620p275w  leggins tights top

leg cover cover1

cap hair-twisty-bracelet thermas

twisty bag mesh-tank

grip gloves kit

gloves1 straps ladderback-brace



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