After posting about making your closet beautiful I had so many questions about one of my bags in my closet. You ask, and I will tell. No secrets here. That’s the beauty of this. For our 5th year anniversary I got my first Barrington bag from the hubby. I can appreciate a well made bag without breaking the bank. Not to mention its just a great looking bag that you can personalize and design to make it your own. These bags are functional with the perfect placements of compartments making traveling a breeze. So many styles, sizes, patterns, fonts, and color choices. I can seriously get carried away with the options. Barrington Gifts is running a special through Valentine’s Day using promo code “BEMINE” to get 10% off!!!! Be sure to follow them on Instagram to see all the prettiness they have to offer, including their New Spring Line.




b1 b2

b3 b4

b5  b6

b7  b8


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