Keeping Your Hydrandreas From Wilting


Is it Spring yet? With these rainy days its had me wanting something to brighten my day on the indoors. What girl doesn’t enjoy a fresh bouquet of flowers. Hydrangeas are a well admired and recognizable bloom. But they can also act like a total diva! This beautiful and delicate bloom is just that; delicate. They require a little extra love. Here is what I’ve learned from past experiences.20170118_224918

You would go through the same steps if they were grocery store bought, from the florist, or cut from your own back yard. I purchased this bundle form our local florist.


Strip the leaves off each hydrangea stem. I tend to break this rule a bit at times and leave 1 leaf to keep some green in the arrangement. The leaves steal the water from the bloom. This causes the flower to wilt. Be sure to absolutely not leave leaves on the stem that fall below the water line in the vase.



Cut the hydrangea stems to the desired length at an angle. Take a hammer or wooden mallet and smash the ends of the stems. This allows water to travel up the stem to the bloom. You can also cut the bottom of each stem at an angle then make a cut up each stem instead of smashing it.



YOU HEARD RIGHT! Hydrangeas produce a “sap” that clogs their stems and blocks water from traveling up to the bloom. The boiling water helps rid of the sap.

Turn the boiling water off. Dip each stem into the hot water for 30 seconds. Immediately place stems in room temperature water in a half filled vase. Then fill vase until full with the hot water.


Replacing the water with fresh water will keep your blooms fresher longer! Also, trim ends again and put ends in boiling water each time.



If your blooms start to wilt even after you have done everything right, its time for a soak. Fill the bottom of your sink in room temp to warm water. Totally submerge your stemmed blooms in the water and let them soak for 45 minutes. Then, recut and place fresh water in the vase. They should revive and live another day or so.


Hydrandreas like to be in a room with a lot of natural indirect light. Avoid dark rooms + corners. Yet, they do not love direct sunlight so avoid being in front a window. These gorgeous bloomed flowers require a little extra care but their presence is so worth it!!





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