Shop Rugs USA area rugs for one of the biggest selections you could come across online. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and pretty pricey. I’m taking the work out of it today. Below I’ve linked all my favorite picks for your space. AND THATS NOT THE BEST PART! They are all under $500.00  For your master bedroom, girl’s room, boy’s room, living room, dining space, or entry way.


Rugs in your entryway get a lot of traffic. Cow hides are so easy to clean and don’t absorb spills as easy as the next rug. Also a shag leather rug will help prevent dirt from continuing through the rest of the house.

rug15 rug16

rug20 rug22 rug29


Give her a glam room! Make your daughter’s room feel feminine with the bright + vibrant colors or soften the space with a long white shag or hair on hide with metallic detail. These could also be used in your laundry room, in a “hers” closet, or “her” office.

rug rug7 rug12rug26 rug25rug16


Be practical!! We all know boys are just dirty. So go dark. Again, the hair on hide are so easy to clean. Or go with a dark and light contrast with a pattern or geometric print to hide any stains + dirt.

rug2 rug6 rug9 rug10  rug18


A jute is always a great “go to” for easy clean up under a dining room table. Or go grand with a faded traditional look which still works great in a contemporary space + design. Another tip I like to use is layer a hair on hide on top of a jute or natural fiber rug.

rug1 rug3 rug13 rug14  rug15


Make it cozy! Make it yours!

rug4 rug8 rug11 rug17  rug19 rug12 rug3rug28


If you can not have white anywhere else in your house, use it here! Don’t be scared to use a soft neutral rug in your master bedroom. Not at these prices anyway! You want your personal space to be inviting when you finally get to your bed, and what a perfect way to wake up every morning? There’s nothing better than a plush rug under your feet first thing in the morning.

rug5 rug15 rug21 rug24  rug25rug28


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