5 Steps to a Chic Bedroom

When Jason and I started our journey of building this home about 2 years ago, I knew I wanted to create a space to create a feeling. I asked myself, “How do I want my guest to feel when they walk in the front door?” But our master suite is a whole notha’ conversation don’t you think?  I wanted to make our master bedroom as if 4 boys didn’t live here. I needed an escape. I needed girly. I needed some glam. I needed tranquility. I needed a place to be SILENT!

So, lets get to it!!!!

Step 1

  • Night Stands

There is no need for them to match perfectly. I actually have a his + hers. The hubby isn’t fond of the mirror furniture so I have one for my side and his is more masculine but the matching lamps tie them together. The surface of the night stands are functional and provide a place to personalize each side.

Step 2

  • Bedding

Mix and match solid colors or subtle prints. Personally, I tend to stick with solids with neutral colors. You can always change a color pallet with accent pieces instead of having to change bedding which is going to save you a few bucks, and what girl doesn’t like to save some money, right?

Step 3

  • Throw Pillows

CONFESSION!!!! Are you listening?? I have a throw pillow addiction. I had our contractor build cabinets in our living room floor to ceiling for storage. Keep in mind the ceilings are 12 ft tall. My builder said I would never use the top cabinets. Well, I do; it holds my pillow library.

Add throw pillows with texture! Layer and mix them! Just don’t over due it. There is such thing as too many throw pillows on the bed.

Step 4

  • Throws

Add a layer of texture by adding a throw at the end of the bed, on a bench, or side chair to soften the space. As it gets chilly out bring out a heavier throw like a faux fur. During the warmer seasons pull out a lighter throw. I’m all about your things in your home being functional and not scared to use them. Everything we use should be pretty, don’t ya think? So indulge and enjoy.


Step 5

  • Seating

Provide yourself with a place to sit and read, study, put your shoes on, or sit and talk. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. It can be 2 chairs, a bench, poufs, ect. You will be surprised how much more time you may spend in your room when there is a place to sit.


Quick re-cap:

5 Steps To a Chic Bedroom

  • Night stands
  • Bedding
  • Throw Pillows
  • Throw
  • Seating

Happy decorating!




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